Talk to your Dentist

Dental examination

Part of the exam is for the dentist to look inside your mouth. In the past, you may not have realized that an exam was taking place. Perhaps you thought that the dentist was simply checking the work done by the hygienist.

How to Find a Dentist in Montreal

Choosing a dentist in Montreal and taking care of your oral health are personal decisions. You want to have a dentist you can talk to, learn from and visit with confidence. It’s best not to wait for a toothache or other emergency. Make sure you find a dentist as soon as you move to the Montreal area.

Your oral care team in Montreal

Each member of your dental team plays an important role. How not to visit your dentist in Montreal (more often than necessary) – Good preventive oral hygiene care at home can save you money. It can also help you maintain your teeth, refresh your breath, and improve your oral and general health.

To understand coinsurance

Co-insurance – also known as co-payment – is the part of the bill that you have to pay yourself when you have obtained the services of a dentist in Montreal. This is the most common way to limit the costs of dental plans, which gives rise to many plans with a variety of benefits at various prices from which the buyer must choose.
Are you covered?

An overview of dental plans

Like many Canadians, you probably have a dental plan paid for by your employer, your union or the provincial government. This fact sheet can help you understand your plan if you are paying for dental care yourself.

To start, remember that a dental plan and a treatment plan provided by a dentist in Montreal are two separate things.


  • A dental plan is one way to help pay for your dental treatment that you received from a dentist in Montreal. Employers offer health and dental insurance for a variety of reasons, including the promotion of good health.
  • A treatment plan is a personal plan that you and your dentist in Montreal develop together to meet your oral health needs. It serves as a roadmap for achieving or maintaining good oral health and should not be dictated by what a dental plan covers.

If you have a dental plan:

As a full partner in your oral health care, it is up to you to know your diet well. Please read any leaflet, brochure or other material provided by the plan provider.

Points to check

Points you should know about your plan to be treated by a dentist in Montreal:

  1. What is covered each year?
  2. Is there a deductible?
  3. Is my coverage financially limited?
  4. Can I choose a procedure other than the one my plan covers?
  5. Will I still be covered if I change jobs?
  6. How well am I covered for cleanings and x-rays?
  7. How much am I covered for dental treatments like fillings and root canals?
  8. What about other treatments like bridges and crowns, prostheses and oral surgery?
  9. Can I choose my own dentist? (Some plans may restrict your choice to a list of approved dentists.)

Your quort is the part of the invoice for which you will not receive a refund. You must understand what your plan covers and the extent of coverage to be treated by a dentist in Montreal.

How your dentist in Montreal can help you

Your dentist can help you claim your benefits.

As mentioned earlier, your dental plan should never dictate your treatment plan.

Your dentist in Montreal, in one of two Toro Dental Clinics can help you estimate what will be covered by your insurance plan before going ahead. He can present a pre-treatment plan to the administrator of your dental plan to obtain a predetermination or prior evaluation of your benefits. This is not a guarantee, but the risks of having your request for reimbursement limited or rejected are reduced.

Remember that your Dentist at Toro Dental Clinics in Montreal treats you, not your dental plan.