1. What are dental implants?
These are artificial roots made ​​of titanium placed in the jawbone, where there were natural teeth.

Dental implants

2. Why should I replace missing teeth?

The loss of natural teeth causes several consequences which significantly affect the quality of life and general health of the person:

A. Progressive bone loss in the jaw, lack of stimulus in the bone by the roots of natural causes bone loss of 0.5 to 1 mm per year.
B. Unstable dentures bone loss greatly affects the support of the prosthesis on the gums, which compromises their stability and comfort.
C. Digestive disorders, headaches and others, these ailments can be aggravated by the instability of the prosthesis
D. Reduced masticatory forces, unstable dentures do not chew with full effectiveness
E. premature aging
F. Collapse of the face
G. Enhancement of facial wrinkles
H. Loss of self-esteem
I. Reduced quality of life

3. Why Dental Implants?

We use dental implants to support fixed or removable prosthesis in order to replace one, several or all teeth.

4. What are the advantages of dental implants?

Dental implants have many advantages because its qualities are equivalent to those of natural teeth:

1. As the root of a natural tooth, the dental implant transmits to the underlying bone chewing forces. This keeps the bone volume and normal quality.
2. The placement of an implant preserves the adjacent teeth, while the bridge to be able to hold, requires resizing the enamel of the adjacent teeth.
3. The comfort is the same as that of the natural tooth.
4. The implant is perfectly solid and stable, unlike dentures whatever the form.
5. Aesthetics are impeccable, the shape of the mouth and cheeks becomes one you have always had.

Only dental implants enable you to find both comfort and aesthetics of your original smile.